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Creating Intrinsic Motivation in People!

By: Kendrick Thomas

Why do we do anything in life? Is it to receive reward and recognition for everything, or is it related to our internal wiring which states we do things simply to appease ourselves? Some people would argue both! We do all things as a result of either being extrinsically motivated (outside of us) or intrinsically motivated (inside of us). Some even at the same time. When it comes to exercise, I do it because I want to look good, but I also exercise because I worry about heart disease and associated illnesses.

In Shreveport La, during my time growing up, and coming from my neighborhood or side of town, I did not run into a lot of college graduates. A lot of the knowledge I have now, my drive and ambition, and my willingness to fail to learn comes from wanting to be better within myself or intrinsically. As I started school and moved away from Shreveport La, relying on this same intrinsic motivation worked for me simply due to the fact I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I’ve seen the world of working in a career that I love and I’ve seen the world of eat what you kill. Needless to say which one I am intrinsically motivated to never go back to.

When I talk to kids, I always tell them find something to do for a career they would do for free! After reading information about extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation, I ask the question is there anything we would really do for free?

Throughout this blog I’m going to take time to learn about intrinsic motivation and how we raise that level in others. Once a week I’ll share some of my research, tips, links and pages so that I can pass this information on to other leaders and professionals within my reach. I encourage readers to weigh in on subjects and respond. If you have a different viewpoint by all means please share your thoughts. Debate and discourse is always welcomed.-Kendrick

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