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Meet Kendrick Thomas M.Ed

Kendrick Thomas is a beacon of inspiration and resilience. Born into challenging circumstances, he refused to let his environment define his destiny. Instead, Kendrick dedicated his life to empowering at-risk youth and leaders in his community, demonstrating that with determination and support, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


As a leader, podcaster, author, and mentor, Kendrick tirelessly advocates for young people throughout Houston. His podcast, Education Unleashed, broadcasts his powerful message of hope and empowerment to a global audience, offering practical insights and strategies for educational success and community engagement.

Kendrick's firsthand experiences and practical skills make him a highly sought-after speaker on education, community advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Educators looking for inspiration and actionable advice on how to make a positive impact will find Kendrick's insights invaluable.

Join us in celebrating Kendrick Thomas's mission and dedication to empowering at-risk youth and community leaders. Together, we can work towards creating a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Kendrick's journey and to be inspired to make a difference in your own community.


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