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Virtual Elementary Classrooms

Shrieking sounds of feedback from friends as they try to have conversations with one another. Screech!!…….”What’s up Johnny, you got a haircut?” Michael puts his hands over his ears because the LOUD noises are piercing. Beep, Beep…….the ADMIT button continues to pop up each time you try to greet a student. Who on EARTH is “I am Nothing??” Mrs. Brown says, “I am Nothing would you please identify yourself so that I can rename your screen.”

“Mrs. Brown, I can’t hear what you are saying.”

Lilly begins to cry. She can’t get her video working so her friends don’t see her. Johnny continues to repeat loudly, “Hey, can ya’ll hear me! Hey….Hey!” Margie has a princess castle as her virtual background.

Hi Sarah, can you play Roblox with me after class today? Genuine Complete Chaos. 25 little voices speaking all at once. Students talking in the chat. This virtual classroom is on the verge of becoming unhinged!

Mrs. Brown quickly mutes all participates.

And just as soon as Mrs. Brown begins to calmly restore order to her virtual classroom………..a nude parent appears glistening with tiny droplets of water running down their forehead.

Little eyes begin to widen and you start to see some smirks on kids’ faces.

NOOOOOO!!!!! Could this be happening? Please NOOOO……not on our first call! Has a parent accidentally crossed the pathway of their child’s camera as they emerged from the shower??

Let’s admit it friends, stuff happens. Mrs. Brown’s little meeting participants are only 7 and 8 years old. They are very tech savvy when it comes to playing video games on a phone or their iPad but a conference call for learning is a different story.

Teachers, let’s not forget that classroom rules and procedures are needed in a virtual classroom just as you would need them with Face 2 Face instruction.

Here are a few important rules for students you should keep in mind:

· Have a quiet space to work with a wall as your background.

· Screens muted when you enter the virtual classroom

· All cameras are on so your teacher can see your bright and shinning face

· Please be dressed, have your supplies and be sitting upright

· Use of Virtual backgrounds can be earned through appropriate virtual classroom behavior

Virtual back to school has surely had its ups and downs but we have to admit as educators it has been so delightful to see all those sweet little faces entering our virtual classrooms everyday.

Until next time,

Live, Laugh, & Learn

with Mrs. Wright


Please share the virtual classroom rules and procedures that are working for you. Comment down below.

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